In Dabel Brothers Publishing launched a new comic book line based on The Warriors. The first set of comics chart the events of the movie which was then . The Warriors: Jailbreak is a , 4-part comic book series, written by Erik Henriksen, taking place a few months after the events of the movie. While Ajax's adjustment to prison life is made difficult by an unnamed Baseball Fury, The Warriors plan to spring Ajax from prison. Format: Comic Book Page Count: 32 pages. UPC: We know it's clich? to hype a final issue by shouting "This is it!" and "Nothing will be the same!.

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    The Warriors Comic Book

    Warriors, come out to play! Browse the latest deals and special offers on digital comics and graphic novels from Marvel, DC Series: The Warriors (Book 1). The Warriors Jailbreak 1 The administrator of this site ( cannot be held responsible for what its users post, or any other actions of its users. copies This is cover A-Another Exclusive. Another Exclusive! in lower right corner. An Image Comic (S) David Campiti & Mike.

    Add to want list This item is not in stock. If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available. Signed by Mike Deodato Jr with certificate of authenticity. This is cover A-Another Universe. Com Exclusive.

    The series lasted for 75 issues and four annuals, spinning off a number of titles, including mini-series featuring Night Thrasher and Marvel Boy by then renamed Justice and ongoing series with Nova and Night Thrasher.

    A short-lived revival was launched in , lasting for ten issues, and a mini-series followed in In the mini-series, the New Warriors agreed to star in a reality television show to fund their team.

    A fourth series was launched in June , spinning off of events in the Civil War crossover.

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    A new ongoing series started in February , where a new team of New Warriors was brought together by the threat of the High Evolutionary who intended to eliminate the super-powered population of Earth. The New Warriors vol. During their first battle with Terrax , a former herald of Galactus , they are joined by Robbie Baldwin aka Speedball and Namorita. They defeat Terrax, but the Avengers unintentionally end up taking the credit.

    The team decides to stay together and Speedball dubs them the New Warriors after a news report he had seen on the battle. In the team's second issue Night Thrasher's past comes back to haunt him as the brother and sister team of Midnight's Fire and Silhouette is introduced.

    Next, the corporation Genetech hires the Mad Thinker to gather information on the New Warriors in order to create their own superhumans, resulting in their battle with Genetech's team of superhumans, Psionex. The Team minus Night Thrasher travels to Brazil to rescue Speedball's mother from an environmental terrorist group and battle the Force of Nature.

    Night Thrasher stays behind to patch things up with Silhouette and confronts the Punisher. Upon the Warriors return to New York, their headquarters the Ambrose building is trashed in a battle with the Hellions for the claim of Firestar.

    This alternate world involved Egypt becoming a super-power and the formation of the United States of Assyria where that reality's Avengers served as Meryet's government task force. The Left Hand has also begun collecting random superpowered individuals for a team he names the Folding Circle , one member being Silhouette's brother Midnight's Fire.

    The Puppet Master knew something was wrong with her. It was later revealed that a Skrull, Lyja had been impersonating Alicia. Night Thrasher discovers his company, the Taylor Foundation, is involved in illegal dealings and sets out to find the truth.

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    In the process, he discovers that his legal guardian, Andrew Chord , has been betraying him for an unidentified period of time. The team confronts the mutant immortal Gideon concerning his involvement and he handily defeats and tortures them before giving them the information they seek. Shortly thereafter, the team comes to a moral crossroads in a mission involving cocaine traffickers, and Thrasher leaves the team.

    Night Thrasher then comes into contact with the Folding Circle. Marvel Boy is arrested and found guilty of negligent homicide , while Firestar reveals her love for him. Silhouette survives and assembles the remaining New Warriors. They learn from Chord of a mystical plot to take control of the world in Cambodia, and they recruit Rage and Darkhawk to help them.

    The Folding Circle also travels to Cambodia. The New Warriors with later help of the Folding Circle fight Tai, who reveals her plans for world domination. Tai is defeated and sacrificed in a mystical well along with the Left Hand. In the end, Thrasher rejoins the Warriors. Meanwhile, just having been convicted of his father's murder, Marvel Boy is being escorted to the Vault via a Guardsman -guarded prison van. Namorita, Nova, and Firestar try to free him from the van, but he refuses, determined to serve his sentence.

    Firestar and Marvel Boy share one last moment and declare their love for one another. Although they eventually retreat, the actions of the Warriors most notably Namorita have not helped the country. Speedball moves to New York with his mother to be closer to the New Warriors. Marvel Boy helps find a compromise between the inmates and the Vault staff, quelling an inmate uprising.

    Ashu steals Namorita's address book, discovers the secret identities of the Warriors and kidnaps their families. Rage 's grandmother, the last member of his family, accidentally dies. In retaliation, Rage kills Ashu. Namorita leaves the team, feeling guilty. Nova is promoted to the rank of Centurion Prime and allowed to return to Earth to continue his activities as a superhero.

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    Her body is undergoing a cellular change, as a result of her being a clone, into a blue-skinned Atlantean. After a conversation with Namor , she renames herself Kymaera and decides to rejoin the New Warriors. Later, Marvel Boy is released on parole, but after anti-mutant attacks on his mother, decides not to rejoin the New Warriors, instead joining Shinobi Shaw and the Upstarts as planned by him and Thrasher and renaming himself Justice.

    The Upstarts capture most of their targets, but Paige Guthrie convinces the Gamesmaster to play another game: instead of killing mutants, the Upstarts should try to find and train young mutants like her. The Gamesmaster is intrigued and cancels the competition. New Warriors had earlier encountered her in New Warriors 10— Anath-Na Mut plans his revenge against the Warriors, transporting away its eight active members Firestar , Justice , Kymaera , Night Thrasher , Nova , Rage , Silhouette and Speedball to different places in the time-stream.

    They succeed and the two teams of Warriors combat the Sphinx together, who surrenders after learning of his own true nature and finally accepts Meryet's ages-old offer of love.

    They merge into one composite being and depart into the time-stream to begin their life together anew. Hindsight Lad, Dagger and Alex Power become reserve members.

    Bandit and Silhouette leave the team. Later, they face the Psionex team again and travel to the country of Zaire, where the team is captured by the Soldiers of Misfortune. Night Thrasher and Rage decide to train Psionex. The Scarlet Spider joins the team afterwards. The original Sphinx returns, citing the same reasons, and kills Speedball.

    Another player, Advent, comes into play, killing all of the Warriors but Timeslip. Advent is a time-traveler, trying to alter time so that the future will be molded to his own wish. His son, Darrion Grobe seeks to stop him, and creates a duplicate of Speedball's body from when he was trapped in the kinetic dimension during "Time And Time Again", so that he can travel to the first alteration point, leaving the actual Speedball in the kinetic dimension, meaning that Darrion Grobe replaced Speedball from New Warriors vol.

    Instead of dying, the New Warriors are transported to the year , where they have seven minutes to save themselves before reality is unmade and stop Advent. A Baseball Fury in the cell next to him tries to converse, but was insulted. Rembrandt paints a picture of a gladiator in art class, where no one but the teacher will talk to him because they know he is in a gang.

    Mercy is talking with her sugar daddy, but leaves when she sees Swan outside the window. She goes into her apartment where Swan tells her this life is not for her. The unnamed Baseball Fury yells at the guards to let him wear his colors, Ajax calls it make-up which causes the Fury to attack him.

    Ajax hits the Fury into unconsciousness, then tells the guards he wants no trouble. Rembrandt sees this and calls for backup. The Warriors win the brawl. After a conversation with Rembrandt, Swan decides to call a war council to break Ajax from prison. Swan ignores him and tells him to call the war council. The prison guards offer Ajax protection in exchange for information on The Warriors to pass on to the commissioner, which Ajax refuses and instead insults them, causing the guards to beat him.

    At the war council, Swan informs the gang that they will be breaking Ajax out of prison, which makes them worry that it's a suicide mission. Ajax and the unnamed Baseball Fury are being treated in the prison medical wing, where they insult each other. Part of what makes this comic so strange is the fact that it was wrote by none other than the Ultimate Warrior himself. I don't even know if a normal human brain is capable of understanding the things that Warrior outputs.

    Take a look at this old Warrior wrestling promo, this guy is certifiably nuts and someone let him write this book. I have read this comic numerous times and while there are indeed many letters that string together to form words and words that form sentences none of them ever really seem to fit together or make any kind of sense. I don't know what Warriors self titled comic book is about. I don't know what happens or what was supposed to happen. Honestly I don't think anybody other than the Ultimate Warrior understands this comic book.

    That my friends is what makes it so great, its like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Prepare yourself for the most fascinating and confusing journey you have ever been on.

    Get read for Before we get to the comic itself I feel like there is something that I have to point out before we go any further. The man behind the face paint and bizarre yet awesome wrestling promos is a man named Jim Hellwig or at least there was You see Jim Hellwig legally changed his name to Warrior.

    I bring this up for two reasons, for starters it goes a long way into showing just how out-there this guy really is. Secondly, it explains why I have to keep constantly referring to him by his "ring name" of Warrior throughout this article.

    I would like to call him Jim Hellwig, author as I don't really believe he sat around in full on face paint and ring tights penning this comic book but He very well may have and just blamed it on the cosmos or something.

    Let's move on with the book shall we. Click for Larger Image! The book starts with a massive page of nothing but text explaining the term "Destrucity". I've tried to understand this oddball concept before and umm I still don't know what it is. Allow the Warrior to explain it for you: "In its design, Destrucity represents a constellation existing in the heavens which symbolizes the "Eight Disciplines" by which Warriors chose to live their lives.

    Brought to existence by the destinies of those willing to die for their Beliefs, brought to exist as a place where people live by Belief in the evolution of their Higher Selves -- constantly evolving toward a completion of their chosen destiny -- all with strength in the denial of "System Beliefs" -- the very Beliefs that amplify differences in and create rights, wrongs, judgements, and opinions in people, places, and things.

    After all these years I still really do not know just what the hell Warrior is talking about but it does sort of add to the mystique that is Warrior. You have ten different people read that same paragraph and all ten of them will likely draw different conclusions as to what it means. Remember this term, Destrucity, as we will be coming back to it a little bit later on. And now that we know everything we need to know about Warrior and Destrucity it is time to begin the comic book!

    Graphically the book does not look half bad. The artists who worked on it did a pretty good job of making it look and feel like a real comic book. As a matter of fact, I even kind of like the setup. Opening with what looks to be a meteor crash on some strange planet only to revel that it is actually Warrior who is very Thor like in appearance, albeit it naked who has fallen from the heavens.

    Clearly someone tried to make this book visually pleasing and at some point there probably was a far more interesting story in place. I really do believe that under proper supervision that Warrior could have made for an interesting short lived comic book series. Treat him sort of like Thor by making him some type of strange god like figure, combined with the face paint and super strength sort of like the Incredible Hulk. I would buy into that for a period of time.

    However, this book was wrote by the Ultimate Warrior so we will get none of that. Instead we get bits of dialog like this: "The womb of evolution What was that again? I thought we were looking at pages of Warrior falling asteroid style down from the heavens.

    What does a womb of evolution have to do with anything?

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