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Professor Shonku series all books by Satyajit Ray pdf download free at Free download or read online ✅Shonku Shamagra bangla book from the category of Satyajit Ray. Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of Shonku. Satyajit Ray introduced Professor Shonku in his story “The Astronaut's Diary. All books of Shonku Somogro: Professor Shonku, Professor Shonkur.

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Professor Shonku All Stories Pdf

Free download or read Shabash Professor Shonku PDF Bangla book. Satyajit Ray is very popular Shabash Professor Shonku (All-Story). Ashcharya Pranee . All these works prepared the ground Ray's Brilliant for modern In the year , the first Shonku story 'Byomjatrir Diary' (The Diary of an. SCIENCE fiction stories are always miserably for at least 33 hours. Prof. Shonku wrote down this story in a diary form from all materialistic greed, ferocious.

Shelves: indian-author , bengali , children Bengali Science Fiction at its best. Created by the literary genius Satyajit Ray, Professor Shonku is primarily an inventor rather than a scientist engaged in a specific field much like Edison. He is quite a prodigy, having a double honours in Physicss and Chemistry, and being able to fluently converse in 69 languages. Yet the man within is quite like any other middle class erudite Bengali. He lives with his 24 year old cat Newton, and a forgetful man-servant, Prahlad. With his inventions, he Bengali Science Fiction at its best. With his inventions, he visits many science conferences around the world, or goes out for scientific expeditions, where he gets caught up in mysterious dealings and crimes. With the help of his wit and inventions, and sometimes with the help of his friends Somerset, Saunders and Kroll, he helps to establish the truth. Yet the stories never tend to become preachy. On the contrary, the adventures, and the fast pace makes them complete page-turners. Each story is written in the form of a diary entry -- the format was such a novelty in Bengali literature at the time of it's publication, that it made the reader actually consider the possibility whether Shonku was indeed a lving person. Prrimarily targeted for young adults, another great aspect of this series is that you can learn so much about the different cultures of the world, which can be really great for a teen, who seeks information along with the thrill of a good story. It is one of those books which shaped my growing up years and will forever be close to my heart!

Door Shonku is not only an inventor but a zealous explorer and his discoveries are also packed with surprising events. The journey ends in a utopian place full of heavenly bliss which he believes to be Kailash in the Hindu Mythology. Shonku visits Mars in his own spaceship much before twenty-first century humans do.

The Incredible Adventures of Professor Shonku

Shonku is a fantastic innovator; he has invented a number of machines, arms, medicines, a robot and a spacecraft. Not only does he use these for his own purposes but also helps others.

Shonku invented this astonishing weapon out of his dislike for bloodshed. He tried to do the same with Shonku but the Carbothin jacket saved the later. Batika-Indica tablet is small but effective enough to relieve hunger and thirst for twenty-four hours.

For one such tasteful fruit he was given an honorary Doctorate by the Swedish Academy of Science. Our present life is dominated by the TV, computer, mobile phone, and iPod etc.

Many of these machines are as eccentric as their inventor, which add an amusing charm to the stories. As a result, the crow named Corvus acquired many human skills and demonstrated its intelligence at the conference of Ornithologists at Santiago. The machine looks like a helmet which sends electric sparks to the brain in order to stimulate the nerves and thus retrieve obscure memories of long past. The starry heaven has always filled human mind with inquisitive speculation.

Professor Shonku

Science Fiction has given the very speculative nature of human mind an agile way to ponder over the infinite space.

Science Fiction, from its inception, has given vent to the assumption that the Earth is not the only place where there is life, but there are other planets outside our solar system throbbing with life. In Science Fiction films as Avatar, a new planet is under attack by a greedy nation which plans to colonise it for economic purposes.

But Shonku has no avarice for material wealth. His interest in Mars and other planets outside our solar system is purely academic. He enjoys the thrill of building communication with aliens. The unseen superior aliens are here not harmful, as in many Science Fiction stories, but consider it their noble duty to instruct Mankind at every critical juncture of human progress: We discovered your planet sixty-five thousand years ago….

Since http: Each time we came here with the same objective of assisting you of one step towards civilization…. We do not come here to harm you. We do not have any interest either. Colonization is not our motive. We provide you with the solutions of your problems and return to our planet.

We had devised the superior functioning of human brain.

Shonku Samagra By Satyajit Ray - PDF Bangla Book Download

We had taught men how to cultivate land and build house. Mathematics, astronomy, medical science—all these were introduced by us on the Earth Ray Those alien creatures are far underdeveloped than human beings although not always harmless. All the Shonku stories are different from each other which are remarkable in their range of ingenuity and high originality. Shonku is the chief character in these stories but most of them introduce various other renowned scientists with whom the Bengali genius gets associated, whether for benefit or danger.

Two of his best friends are the British geologist Jeremy Saunders and the German anthropologist Wilhelm Krol — both of whom feature in a number of Shonku adventures.

Shonku is highly respected in the circle of world scientists, and receives many honorary doctorates from various parts of the globe. Shonku said in an occasion when he was in an escapade with four foreign scholars, I have never claimed to be a specialist in any particular area but preferred to call myself a scientist because my expertise is in all branches of science.

The rest four of our group can be called specialists, although they are not equal in age, experience, merit or fame Ray The discourse of Science Fiction is not mere representational in its treatment and understanding of science; rather, gives impetus to pseudo-science which waits for unconcealing its potential in future. His robot, which he calls Robu, cost him only three hundred thirty-three rupees and seven and a half annas to make.

The robot serves him in his laboratory as a well-trained assistant. Like other popular Science Fiction, this story too demonstrates the dangers of playing with science, and its evil consequences on man. Ray conceives Shonku not just as a scientist but an adventure-loving explorer, an expert biologist and a man of detective-like instinct.

Shonku is a great humanist and shows his concern for the enemies of civilization.

He risked his own life in order to help a Jew Sanskrit scholar to flee Germany. So, he maintains his diary. In a number of adventures where Shonku encounters his circle of scientist friends comprising of geniuses around the world, it is none but Shonku who emerges to be the most brilliant.

Yet Shonku is indifferent to fame and wealth. Even then it was directed by someone else [a sadhu].

শঙ্কু সমগ্র

And its miracle is a boon of generous Nature. Whom will you reward, my dear? Ray He has devoted his life to science, and thus, to illuminate the dark, superstitious minds of Indians. With this sage-like discretion Shonku refuses to take the full credit of inventing a math-solving robot. Like a philosopher, he contemplatively reflects on his achievement: The possibility behind every invention always exists; it has always been there. Trilokeshwar Shonku is the real name of Professor Shonku.

Beautiful place Giridih where he lives. He has and a cat named Newton and a male-servant named Prohlada. Professor Shonku was born on 16 June. Tilu is the nickname of Professor Shonku.

He was a student of the University of Calcutta. He passed the matriculation examination at the age of He also received his BSc degree with honors in two subjects, Physics, and Chemistry at the age of Bomjatri is the first story of Professor Shonku series published in Satyajit Ray was a popular Indian writer who writes many favorite books. For enjoying your favorite books commenting down below.

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