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    Bombay Land Revenue Code 1879 Epub

    bombay land revenue code in gujarati . gmt - title: free aquatic exercise toolbox with cdrom (pdf, epub, mobi) author: g. p. THE Bombay Land Revenue Code, Bom. Act No. V of [a]. [17th My (As Amended and modified upto 1st June 19S3) An Aot to consolidate and . Maintenance of bombay land revenue code set- tlements of land revenue. EPUB DOWNLOAD - Bombay land revenue code with rules (Bombay.

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    Code 1879 epub

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    Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary [ langs. Neubauer Received Mar 2; Accepted Apr Copyright Marco T. Abstract This nomenclator provides bibliographic details on all names in the family-, genus-, and species-group of the the family Paludomidae. All nomenclaturally available names are discussed including junior homonyms and objective junior synonyms as well as unavailable names such as nomina nuda, infrasubspecific names and, to some extent, also incorrect subsequent spellings.

    In the family-group a total of 28 names are included in the nomenclator, of which 21 are available and seven unavailable names. Of the available names in the family-group, six are invalid for nomenclatural reasons. In the genus-group a total of 57 names are included in the catalogue. Of the available names in the genus-group, 11 are invalid for nomenclatural reasons. In the species-group a total of names are included, of which are available, but 21 are invalid for nomenclatural reasons.

    All names are given in their original combination and spelling mandatory changes are discussed and corrected spellings are provided , along with the reference to the original publication. For each family- and genus-group name, the original classification and the type genus or type species, respectively, are given. For species-group taxa the type locality and type horizon for fossil taxa are provided, usually as given in the original publication.

    A new name, Cleopatraadami nom. A new replacement name Leloupiella nom. Keywords: Freshwater snails, Gastropoda , nomenclature, taxonomy, www-references Introduction The Paludomidae Stoliczka, is currently understood as representing taxa with a general distribution including most of tropical sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar as well as South and Southeast Asia see Neiber and Glaubrecht b who summarize the results of phylogenetic analyses presented by West and Michel ; Michel ; Wilson et al.

    Species in this family of freshwater cerithioideans show a high diversity with regard to shell shape and ornamentation. The endemic paludomids of Lake Tanganyika have especially attracted much attention by taxonomists, early biogeographers, and evolutionary biologists because of their thalassoid Bourguignat appearance, i. A large number of names have been introduced for Tanganyikan paludomids by the French malacologists J.

    However, being among the first to work on the gastropod fauna of the lake, several names first introduced by this author are still in use to this day, although the far greater number certainly represent individual variations that do not merit to be accepted and are thus to a large extent a burden today for taxonomists, biogeographers, and evolutionary biologists working on the paludomid fauna of Lake Tanganyika.

    Although several synoptical works covering the regional diversity of Paludomidae in Africa or Asia have been published e. The basic prerequisite of any taxonomic work on a specific group of organisms is the historical perspective of what is already known, or from a nomenclatural point of view, which names have already been proposed for the group in question.

    However, a comprehensive annotated list of paludomid names is currently unavailable.

    Everything's Eventual PDF/EPUb by Stephen King - 11junabdurlongston4

    Therefore, the nomenclator presented here aims at filling this gap by providing information on all names for Recent and fossil family-, genus-, and species-group taxa introduced for Paludomidae. In addition, the present contribution is intended to facilitate future taxonomic work on Paludomidae by providing direct internet links to many important older taxonomic publications following the general outlines of the nomenclators of other groups of freshwater snails presented by Haszprunar on valvatids and Neubauer on melanopsids.

    Not included are, following Glaubrecht , taxa referred to the genus Pyrgulifera Meek, see Meek : from Cretaceous deposits of North America and Europe, which have often been associated with thalassoid Paludomidae from Lake Tanganyika or that have sometimes been included in the genus Paludomus Swainson, In the works of Deshayes — , Heer , Morelet , Sandberger — , Neumayr , Cossmann , , and Spijkerman et al. Nomenclaturally available as well as unavailable names e.

    The present nomenclator is divided into three parts that cover the family group, the genus group and the species group in the sense of the Code, respectively. All names in these three parts are listed in alphabetical order, except when the same family-, genus- or species-group name was introduced more than once.

    In this case names are ordered chronological or in cases of simultaneously published names by page precedence.

    The header of a section dealing with a name is the name of the taxon with mandatory changes as regulated by the Code Art. These are presented in the corrected version without mentioning. Behind a name that is either an objective junior synonym of an available name in the genus-group, an unjustified emendation or a junior homonym, its status as an objectively invalid name is denoted in square brackets. All remaining names are nomenclaturally available.

    However, depending on the taxonomic opinion of a researcher, such names may be taxonomically invalid names. A proposal whether a name is currently accepted or not is not made as this is, in our opinion, the task for future revisionary work. The original reference for a name is always provided. An authorship of a name deviating from the authorship of the work in which it was published, is only accepted in cases where clear evidence exists that person s other than the author s of the work, in which the name was published, were responsible for the name Code Art.

    Information on type genera and type species, where relevant, are provided including references to the selection of type species if subsequently designated. Names exclusively based on fossils are marked by a dagger. Information on type localities and type strata for fossils only are usually given exactly as provided in the original reference in quotes ; only in few cases also other sources are additionally provided.

    Additional information is given in square brackets e. Incorrect subsequent spellings are discussed under the respective correctly spelled names whenever these were noticed. Part 1. Family-group names In the family-group a total of 28 names are included in the nomenclator, of which 21 are available and seven unavailable names.

    Bathanaliidae Ancey, Original reference. Ancey b : —, Type genus. Bathanalia Moore, Original reference. Nicolas : , Original spelling. The name is apparently not based on the genus Buccinopsis Conrad, see Conrad : but following Bouchet et al.

    Cancellopsidae Nicolas, [Unavailable] Original reference. Unavailable because the name is not based on a genus-group name. It was established as a series within Tanganikidae Nourry, Following Bouchet et al. Cleopatra Troschel, Elevated to family rank by Germain : Giraudidae Bourguignat, [Invalid] Original reference.

    Bourguignat a : 11, Giraudia Bourguignat, Invalid Code Art. Hauttecoeuridae Bourguignat, Original reference. Bourguignat a : 10, Hauttecoeuria Bourguignat,